Status: No DKIM keys saved for this domain

When you want to enable DKIM in your Office 365 environment for a specific domain you might run into the problem that you can’t because the message is saying: “No DKIM keys saved for this domain

What you would expect to see is this, depending on the current state (enabled or disabled):

To resolve this you will need to use Powershell.
Open a Powershell session to the Office 365 tenant and list the status of all domains:

You will notice that the domain for which you are getting the message: “No DKIM keys saved for this domain” in the EAC isn’t listed here.
Basically what has happend, or hasn’t happend, is that a DkimSigningConfig hasn’t been created for that specific domain. You can create one by entering:

The -Enabled $true in the command means that you want to create and enable the DkimSigningConfig for that domain.  If you haven’t created the CNAME records yet or they can’t be found yet you will get an error message indicating that the CNAME records could not be found. The DkimSigningConfig will still be created but not yet enabled. Therefore if you know the CNAME records aren’t there yet but you want to create the config you could also choose the use the “-Enable $false” flag instead.

Create the CNAME records and now enable the config either via the EAC or by typing in:

When you now enter the Get-DkimSigningConfig command the new domain should also be listed with it’s current status.


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